Last Updated Oct 17, 2018
If   you   are   looking   for   a   bow   that has    the    stability    and    speed    of    a recurve,     with     the     quick     handling agility     of     a     longbow,     then     the “Odyssey” is your bow. The     Odyssey     is     a     reflex/deflex design   while   still   retaining   the   classic “D” shape when strung. Available     in     60”,     62”     and     64” lengths and weights to 65#. Whether   you   prefer   the   basic   no frills   “Hunter”   or   the   more   beautiful than    it    needs    to    be    “Premier”,    the Odyssey will not disappoint. $899
Features: Selections of riser and limb wood choices (contact Scott for more info) Clear Glass D97 High Performance Bow String Bow Sock included Length Options 60" - 64" Draw Weights to 65#