Look closely at the second header.  The one just above the video.  The colors in the "TimberHawk Bows" are backwards so that I could show the sheen going through it (I did the sheen with an incorrect color so had to reverse the colors for the test).


We will want a higher resolution background-sheen so it doesn't look so grainy; this is just a test.


I think the sheens adds some additional class to the site.


Five Year Limited Warranty


Your TimberHawk Bow is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from date of purchase.


If there is a failure, TimberHawk will repair or replace the product to your full satisfaction.



This warranty will be void if:

    • Any means of stringing the bow is used other than a bow stringing device such as the one provided with your bow.
    • Damage due to "dry firing" (releasing the string without an arrow on the string).
    • Any alterations not made by TimberHawk Bows such as:
    • Drilling holes into the riser or limbs.
    • Altering the dimensions of the riser or limbs.


This warranty does not cover:

    • The string
    • Normal wear to the finish
    • Damage caused by misuse or rough handling.


**Note1** FastFlite strings need to be flemish type (like provided with your bow) and must have at least 16 strands at the loop for bows under 55# and 18 strands for bows over 55#.
**Note2** Long bows are exempt from requiring the use of a bow stringing device, although it is recommended for the safety of the person stringing the bow.

Below is an example of a Falcon from the gallery.


The first is for the desktop and the second is for mobile.


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